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This is a letter we received from Bradley, a new Christian with whom our Sister Zona has studied using World Bible School.  God has used Zona to be a blessing to Bradley.  God can also use you to be a blessing to someone. Please think about being a teacher for World Bible School, what better use of your spare time than to help lead a soul to the cross of Jesus Christ.  -- Monti Renner, Evangelist

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Hello my name is Bradley and I would like to share with you a miracle of sorts.  For those of you who know the Lord, this will most likely uplift you and simply make you smile; but for those who may not know Jesus, I can only pray that this may encourage you to make a change in your spiritual condition so that you may know the joy and love that I do now.

I start my story in late 2009.  I was incarcerated, for the 4th time, and facing over 100 years in prison.  I had a 20-year-old fiancee, whom was eight and a half months pregnant with my first child.  My world fell apart when she decided to cut me out of her life due to my incarceration. 

In a jail cell, suicidal, at the complete end of myself - I cried out in anguish of the tragedy that my life had become.  I told God that if He was listening - if He truly cared about me - to save me from myself.  Since I am writing this, almost 2 years later, you would be right to assume that He did just that. 

I went through a very rough transition period.  I lashed out at those who knew me best.  I betrayed trusts I had built up.  And I pushed away the entire world as I desperately sought out the Lord and His purpose for me to continue on. 

In early March of 2010, I began doing Bible studies through many different organizations, groups and churches.   By many, I mean several dozen.  At first I just answered the questions and returned the answer sheets or exams.  Then, every now and again, I would start to include a brief letter, note or prayer request with the lessons I was returning. 

It was through one of those lessons from World Bible School, that I met your beloved Zona, a woman who has become a dearly cherished friend, confidant and sister in Christ. 

Unlike so many other people who simply graded and returned the studies I sent out, Zona took the time to answer my own questions about the scriptures and to offer her much welcomed insight about not only my particular situation and circumstances, but also life in general. 

When I had completed the WBS series, I was worried that the correspondence I now so dearly enjoyed would cease and I humbly asked Zona if she would continue to write to me as a pen pal of sorts.  I was overjoyed when she graciously accepted this request and she has honored it continuously since.  Not only did she write to me on a regular basis, but she also took it upon herself to contact a local church of Christ minister and inform him of my situation.  Through Zona, I have been blessed by being able to get baptized and to continue my studies in a deeper way with the local Culpeper Church of Christ minister, Mike.  By these acts of Zona and her propensity to be a "doer" of the Word, I have been the recipient of many blessings, some of which have changed my life. 

I share these things not as proofs of Zona's spirit, but of Christ's Spirit living through her.  Through Zona, Christ has provided, taught, counseled and strengthened me.  By the fruits I have tasted from Zona, I have seen first-hand what being a Christian should entail and I am blessed having been guided by someone I consider to have a saintly heart. 

Not only do I urge others to go the extra mile as Zona has when reaching out to those who are struggling to know Christ, but I also challenge every Christian that reads this to find someone who needs a friend who can teach them about Christ and His good news.  There was a time when Zona was the only friend I had. Now I thankfully call her my sister and through the lessons she has taught me I have been responsible for leading over a dozen others to the foot of the cross. 

For those of you who may know Zona and her husband, Bert, you should be aware that they have both gone though some health issues in the past many months.  Zona has often expressed her undying gratitude for the help she has received from her church family.  For those that have been of assistance to her and Bert, I personally thank you and Christ in me commends you for the good work you have done in caring for one of his faithful servants.  I am proud to know that a church I know of is not only preaching the Word there in Plymouth, Florida, but also practicing the Spirit of Christ in its walk.  For those of you who do not know these two members of your church and family in Christ, please join me in remembering them both and their needs in your daily supplications. 

I thank you all greatly for your time and consideration and ask that our Heavenly Father bless you all as abundantly as he has truly blessed me.

In Christ,



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